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Over 90 Nationwide Camping Resorts, Get the Best Camping Site


The Northeast Zone Pass offers 24 of Thousand Trails' and Encore's best camping site locations from New England to the Great Lakes Region. Cape Cod, Amish Country, and the Great Lakes are just a few of the best campsite and RV resort areas located in this region.

Pine Country (55 mi. from Aurora)
Horseshoe Lakes (15 mi. from Terre Haute)
Indian Lakes (57 mi. from Cincinnati)
Twin Mills (51 miles from South Bend)
Moody Beach (36 mi. from Portland)
Mt. Desert Narrows (150 mi. from Portland)
Gateway to Cape Cod (55 mi. from Boston)
Sturbridge (52 mi. from Boston)
Bear Cave (12 mi. from South Bend)
St. Clair (50 mi. from Detroit)
New Jersey
Chestnut Lake (17 mi. from Atlantic City)
Sea Pines (17 mi. from Atlantic City)
New York
Lake George Schroon Valley (14 mi. from Lake George)
Rondout Valley (10 mi. from Catskill Mountains)
Kenisee Lake (57 mi. from Cleveland)
Wilmington (40 mi. from Cincinnati)
Gettysburg Farm (50 mi. from Baltimore)
Hershey (33 mi. from Harrisburg)
PA Dutch Country (25 mi. from Hershey)
Scotrun (10 mi. from Pocono Mt. Summit)
Timothy Lake North (55 mi. from Newark, NJ)
Timothy Lake South (55 mi. from Newark, NJ)
Arrowhead (59 mi. from Madison)
Tranquil Timbers (44 mi. from Green Bay)
90 Nationwide Camping Resorts, Get the Best Camping Site


The Northwest Zone Pass offers 19 of Thousand Trails' and Encore's best camping site locations in and around Washington and Oregon states. Puget Sound by beautiful Seattle, the untouched splendor of the Oregon Coast, and even British Columbia are just a few of the best campsite and RV resort areas located in this region.

British Columbia
Cultus Lake (54 mi. from Vancouver)
Bend/Sunriver (5 mi. from Bend)
Mt. Hood Village (17 mi. from Mt. Hood National Forest)
Pacific City (40 mi. from Tillamook)
Seaside (70 mi. from Portland)
South Jetty (61 mi. from Eugene)
Whalers Rest (5 mi. from Newport)
Birch Bay (35 mi. from Vancouver, BC)
Chehalis (38 mi. from Olympia)
Crescent Bar (80 mi. from Yakima)
La Conner (15 mi. from Mt. Vernon)
Leavenworth (25 mi. from Wenatchee National Forest)
Little Diamond (45 mi. from Spokane)
Long Beach (5 mi. from Long Beach Peninsula)
Mt. Vernon (12 mi. from Mt. Vernon)
Oceana (5 mi. from Grays Harbor)
Paradise (35 mi. from Mt. Ranier National Park)
Tall Chief (26 mi. from Seattle)
Thunderbird (30 mi. from Seattle)
90 Nationwide Camping Resorts, Get the Best Camping Site


The Southeast Zone Pass offers 27 of Thousand Trails' and Encore's best camping site locations from North Carolina to Texas. The Chesapeake Bay, Blue Ridge Mountains, Diamond Caverns in Kentucky are just a few of the best campsite and RV resort areas located in this region.

Hidden Cove (63 mi. from Birmingham)
Bulow Plantation (35 miles from St. Augustine)
Orlando (9 mi. from Disney World)
Peace River (60 mi. from Tampa)
Sherwood Forest (10 mi. from Disney World)
Sunshine Key (38 mi. from Key West)
Three Flags (55 mi. from Orlando)
Diamond Caverns (76 mi. from Nashville)
North Carolina
Forest Lake (28 mi. from Winston-Salem)
Green Mountain Park (62 mi. from Charlotte)
Lake Gaston (60 mi. from Raleigh)
South Carolina
Carolina Landing (45 mi. from Greenville)
The Oaks at Point South (43 mi. from Savannah)
Cherokee Landing (50 mi. from Memphis)
Natchez Trace (43 mi. from Nashville)
Bay Landing (55 mi. from Fort Worth)
Colorado River (75 mi. from Houston)
Lake Conroe (50 mi. from Houston)
Lake Tawakoni (97 mi. from Dallas)
Lake Texoma (97 mi. from Dallas)
Lake Whitney (70 mi. from Fort Worth)
Medina Lake (40 mi. from San Antonio)
Chesapeake Bay (56 mi. from Richmond)
Harbor View (45 mi. from Washington, DC)
Lynchburg (20 mi. from Lynchburg)
Virginia Landing (70 mi. from Virginia Beach)
Williamsburg (3 mi. from Williamsburg)
90 Nationwide Camping Resorts, Get the Best Camping Site


The Southwest Zone Pass offers 20 of Thousand Trails' and Encore's best camping site locations in California, Utah, and Arizona. Great skiing and swimming at Lake Tahoe, the awe-inspiring grandeur of Yosemite National Park, and the California coast are just a few of the things you can do at some of best campsite and RV resort areas located in this region.

Desert Vista (115 mi. from Phoenix)
Valley Vista (49 mi. from Tucscon)
Verde Valley (20 mi. from Sedona)
Idyllwild (2 mi. from Mt. San Jancinto State Park)
Lake Minden (20 mi. from Sacramento)
Lake of the Springs (70 mi. from Sacramento)
Morgan Hill (28 mi. from San Jose)
Oakzanita Springs (40 mi. from San Diego)
Pio Pico (25 mi. from San Diego)
Ponderosa Resort (45 mi. from Sacramento)
Rancho Oso (25 mi.Santa Barbara)
Russian River (35 mi. from Santa Rosa)
San Benito (70 mi. from Monterey)
Snowflower (40 mi. from Lake Tahoe)
Soledad Canyon (48 mi. from Los Angeles)
Tahoe Valley (65 mi. from Reno)
Turtle Beach Fishing Camp (60 mi. from Sacramento)
Wilderness Lakes (38 mi. from San Bernardino)
Yosemite Lakes (5 mi. from Yosemite National Park, west gate)
St. George (135 mi. from Las Vegas)



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